Benefits of Rice - Rice Nutrotional facts - Ramajeyam Premium Rice
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Benefits of rice

Benefits of Ramajeyam Rice

Real source of energy

Rice is a rich source of carbohydrates and therefore, acts as a source of fuel for the body. Rice is made up of long chains of complex carbohydrates that take time to break down. Thus, carbohydrates present in rice provide a constant supply of energy. Starch present in rice is beneficial for diabetics as it has very low carbohydrate content compared with other foods rich in starch.

Benefits of Ramajeyam Rice

High nutritional value

Both white and brown rice have their unique nutritional value. White rice is high in minerals such as calcium and iron; it is also rich in vitamins, such as niacin, vitamin D, thiamine and riboflavin. Brown rice is a good source of fibre and therefore, improves digestion. Rice contains very low amount of saturated fats and cholesterol making it a healthful food for heart. It is owing to its high nutritional content that it is used worldwide in various cuisines.

Benefits of Ramajeyam Rice

Rich source of B vitamins

Compared to the raw rice, the boiled rice contains a high percentage of B vitamins, thiamine and niacin, which help digest the sugars and converts carbohydrate into energy. The vitamin content in boiled rice is similar to that present in brown rice.

Benefits of Ramajeyam Rice

Easy to Digest

Health benefit of boiled rice is that the starch in the grains is more gelatinized, making it easily digestible compared to brown rice. Consumers of brown rice would agree that it takes more time to digest in comparison to white rice. This is because the starch is not broken down easily. In boiled rice, the starch is pre-cooked making it easier to digest. Boiled Rice mixed with butter milk is good for controlling diarrhea and dysentery.

Benefits of Ramajeyam Rice


Boiled rice is considered to a very low allergen food and it is ideal for babies to consume.Boiled rice is the ideal food to start solid or semi-solid foods for your baby.

Benefits of Ramajeyam Rice

Gluten-free food

Rice does not contain gluten and therefore, it can be easily included in the diet of people suffering from celiac disease and those who are allergic to proteins such as those found in wheat, barley, rye and oats.

Benefits of Ramajeyam Rice

Boiled rice has Low Glycemic Index

GI index is the scale which measures how quickly the body turns a food into sugar. A high GI index means that the food gets converted to sugar very quickly, and thus can lead to a spike in your sugar levels and hence unhealthy for people with sugar problems or diabetes .It’s found that boiled rice has a much lower GI index compared to raw rice, and hence it’s a great option for diabetic people.

Benefits of Ramajeyam Rice

Controls disease’s occurrence

Rice is known to control various diseases. Brown rice contains high amount of neurotransmitters that prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease. Rice also contains antioxidant properties that protect the heart by minimising the occurrence of heart diseases and stroke. Rice husk has diuretic properties and is an efficient cure for dysentery.

Benefits of Ramajeyam Rice

Controls blood pressure

Rice is considered good for people who want to lose weight. A rice diet has low carbohydrate and fat content and therefore is great for people who want to lose weight.

Benefits of Ramajeyam Rice

Prevents constipation

Rice contains very low amount of sodium, hence, it helps in controlling high blood pressure.Rice is an excellent source of healthy fibre. These help in the growth of beneficial bacteria that improve digestion and regularise the bowel movement.


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